Getting Started with Luna

This guide includes everything you need to know to start recruiting with Luna. It will cover all the basic steps needed to get going.

Things we'll cover in this guide include:

  • Setting up a new account
  • Inviting your team
  • Customising your careers site
  • Creating your first job

Step 1: Setting up a new account

Every Luna account includes a 14-day free trial, so you can spend some time and get comfortable with all the features of Luna before you pay. To sign up for a new Luna account:

  1. Enter your details. Go to and fill in your details.
  2. Verify your email. Luna needs to verify your email address to activate your account. We'll send you a link which will verify your account and log you in automatically.

That's it! You now have a fully-activated Luna account.

Step 2: Inviting your team

Luna works best when your whole team is involved, all plans include unlimited users, so your entire team can be involved in the hiring process. To invite your team:

  1. Go to the User Management page.
  2. Enter the email of the first user you'd like to invite in the box titled Enter a colleague's email to send invite.
  3. Hit Send. An invite will be sent to the supplied email with instructions on how to setup their account.
  4. Repeat for any other emails you'd like to invite.

Note: Email addresses can only be associated with one Luna account, so we recommend that you use your work email. If you need to disassociate your email with an existing Luna account, send us an email at

Step 3: Customising your careers site

Luna includes a modern careers site that is fully-customisable to your brand.

To edit your careers site: Go to the Careers Site Editor. This is the main interface from which you can make any changes to your careers site.

On the right side, you'll find the Content Editing Panel. This is where you can make all theme and content changes. They will be instantly updated in the Live Preview on the left.

Luna comes with sections for Images, Body text, Perks and more. You don't have to fill in all of these sections. You can uncheck the checkbox next to each dropdown to hide that section on the careers site. When you've finished making changes to your careers site, hit Save and your changes will be saved.

Publishing your careers site

At the top of this screen, you'll see a toggle labelled Not Published. When the time is right for you to put your site live, you can simply toggle this to Published and your changes will be reflected on your live careers site.

To publish your careers site for the first time you must select a subdomain. You will receive an error if you try to publish your site without selecting one.

Note: When your careers site is Published and you save changes, they will be instantly updated on your careers site.

Step 4: Creating your first job

Jobs are at the core of Luna's functionality, you can create as many as you want. When you're ready for candidates to make applications, you can set them to active and they will appear on your careers site.

Jobs are automatically Inactive when you create them. To create your first job:

  1. Hit Create in the top bar, and select Create job. This will take you to the create job form, alternatively navigate to
  2. Enter the details for the job you want to create. The form requires:
    • Job title. This will appear on the careers site listings and in the URL for the job detail page.
    • Job type. The type of position, e.g. Full-time, Part-time.
    • Job department. This is useful for grouping jobs and will appear on the careers site job listings.

      If you haven't added any departments yet, you can add them on this form too, alternatively you can edit them on the business settings page.

    • Job location. This will appear on the careers site job listings.

      If you haven't added any locations yet, you can add them on this form too, alternatively you can edit them on the business settings page.

    • Job description. A full description of the job, this could include duties, benefits and any other information you'd like candidates to know prior to applying. This appears on the job detail page on the careers site.
    • Screening questions. Any questions you'd like candidates to answer during the application process, these will be attached to the application.

      Note: all screening questions are mandatory so only add questions you require the candidates to answer.

Hit Create Job and you will be redirected to the job listings page, the newly created job will appear at the top.

To show this job on your careers site, and allow candidates to apply for it, you must make it Active. You can do this in two ways:

  1. From the job listings page, you can toggle the active state of the job under the Status column.
  2. From the job view page, go to settings. You can toggle the active state under Job status heading.

Note: You can find the job view by clicking into a job from the job listings page.

Once your job is active, it will appear instantly on your careers site and candidates can start applying for it.

If you'd like to know more, or need any help, send us an email at

If you're logged in, you can also message us on live chat.