User Roles in Luna

Luna's permission system is built around two primary roles: Admin and Member. The key differences are:


Members can perform the majority of actions in Luna but don't have access to the following:

  • Billing: Unable to view the billing page or make any changes to your Luna subscription.
  • Invites: Unable to send workspace invites.
  • Toggle job status: Unable to toggle jobs between active and inactive.
  • Careers site: Unable to edit any content or theming on the careers site.


Admins can perform all actions in Luna, including the restricted actions above.

We recommend you have the majority of your team set up as Members, with a few key staff assigned as Admins.

How do I become an Admin?

The user who initially setup the workspace is granted Admin permissions by default. When a user joins after accepting an invite, they are a Member. To change a user from a Member to an Admin, a user with Admin permissions must change their role in the User Settings page.